Maximizing Your Longevity | Part 2

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This article is meant to be an interactive experience to push your awareness around key longevity-based concepts. Life insurance companies have some of the best statistics on longevity, as they are required to price human lifespan accurately. The Social Security Administration is also required to estimate longevity, as its charter requires it to have an accurate forecast of lifespans for proper taxpayer funding.

Probability of Death for Men and Women, from 100,000

Source: Actuarial Life Table. Period Life Table, 2019, as used in the 2022 Trustees Report, The United States Social Security Administration, 2022. 

While the US spends a lot on healthcare, we certainly don’t see a return for it in life expectancy:

Life Expectancy at Birth in Years, 1980–2019

Source: Jared Ortaliza, et al. “How does U.S. life expectancy compare to other countries?” KFF Analysis of OECD data. Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, September 2021.

Note: Comparable Countries is the average of available data, and includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. 

To see if you can optimize the game of life and extend your life beyond the estimates, check out Blueprint Income’s Life Expectancy Calculator. This is an interactive questionnaire that estimates your lifespan based on your answers. It takes about 3 minutes to get an estimate — and more importantly, it reveals some of the key predictors to longer life. 

At Pearl, we focus on empowering our physicians and our community to extend the quality and length of human life through preventative, patient-focused care. We hope you’ll have a chance to join us in celebrating and promoting high quality life for our seniors and for our broader community!

To learn more about some of the most important factors to live a long and healthy life, read my previous post: Maximizing Your Longevity By Removing Certain Risk Factors.

Michael Kopko

Michael Kopko

Chief Executive Officer, Pearl Health