You have all been working incredibly hard over the last seven months and our collective accomplishments speak to the effort and talent you have all brought to Pearl: we have secured over 500 physician partners who are eager to work with us, have taken important steps in building a best-in-class product to enable physicians to succeed in value-based arrangements, and have navigated a complicated regulatory environment with a steady hand and steadfast commitment.

And you have accomplished this in the context of an otherwise challenging period. Pearl was founded in the midst of a pandemic and we have all adapted to new working environments that present their own challenges, on top of the background exhaustion of living in a world that is struggling to overcome the Covid-19 calamity. While we still have many mountains to climb (and, for some of our team, I mean that literally), it’s important to remember the importance of personal time and self care. As Mike likes to remind us: this is a marathon and not a sprint.

To that end, we will be closing Pearl’s offices on alternating Fridays through Labor Day weekend. We hope you will use this time to relax, recharge and take some well-deserved holidays away. We believe that companies that invest in their talent have the best long term success and we are open to hearing from any of you for additional thoughts on how we can improve in achieving that goal. If you have any questions or existing commitments that will conflict with this policy, please reach out to me and we will figure it out.


Gabriel Drapos

Gabriel Drapos

Chief of Staff