Patient View: Holistic, Longitudinal Insights into Patient Care

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Key Points

Show me the… Patient

Providing the best care requires a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s journey across all parts of the healthcare ecosystem. However, most providers face an information gap. While the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a valuable source of information, it relies on either clinical staff inputting data manually or having interfaces with other offices, labs, and systems to send it patient information. In practice, the data displayed in the EMR is far from comprehensive and leaves providers with an incomplete picture of a patient’s health.

When discussing with clinicians what they would need in order to provide higher quality care for their Medicare patients, they tell us again and again how impactful it would be to have a full understanding of their patients’ health – not only because they’re responsible for their patients’ well being, but also because in a value-based world, providers are responsible for managing total cost of care. Activities and medications prescribed outside of the primary care office (e.g. ER visits, inpatient stays, and specialty medications) can be among the most expensive.

One provider, for example, noted the strong correlation between medication adherence and favorable long-term outcomes. However, his current system fails to keep him sufficiently updated on the specialty medications prescribed outside his practice, despite their impact on patient health and cost of care. Without full visibility into his patients’ medications, he is not able to educate or appropriately intervene if needed.

With tools to increase visibility into care outside of their offices, clinicians are better able to fill in the gaps and improve patient care.

How it works

Patient View uses Medicare Claims data to present all patient-related information to a practice user. Data is divided into several categories for easier viewing: Medications, Diagnoses, and Activities.

Patient View

The goal of Patient View is to provide an easily scannable, yet deeply informative page for practice clinical staff. As we’ve created it, we’ve also been careful to ensure that it is a framework we can build upon as we integrate with more systems. We’re currently incorporating CCLFs as a data source, and we’re working quickly to incorporate ADT notifications, patient communications capabilities, and other exciting improvements.

Our Technology

Platform and services that empower providers to deliver better quality care at a lower cost

Designing for growth

Given how rapidly our platform and our customer base is expanding, it has been critical for us to ensure that our initial designs have been motivated by three key attributes: user centricity, flexibility, and intelligence.

We’re proud of the value that Patient View is already bringing to our network of practices, and we’re looking forward to its continued evolution.

Alana Levy

Alana Levy

Senior Product Manager, Pearl Health