Pearl’s Product Principles

Pearl's Product Principles

At Pearl Health, we’ve been excited to launch the Pearl Platform over the last several months. As our practices engage with our product, and take their first actions across their patient panels with Pearl, our Product team is also taking time to focus on what Product @ Pearl is all about. 

While our vision and strategy drive where we are going, and our metrics drive how we measure our progress, our Product Principles drive how we make product choices as we navigate the thousands of small and large decisions we make along the way. We’re excited to share our Pearl Product Principles, to give you a window into what we consider fundamentally important and differentiating as we build out our technology.

Empower, Not Replace, the PCP

We want to tap into our providers’ superpower: their deep understanding of how best to care for their patients. We want to enable them to become expert panel managers, providing leverage and scale wherever possible so that they can focus on the patients who need their attention the most.

Enable a Proactive Care Model

We believe that true primary care requires a proactive, continuous approach — one that extends beyond the confines of a traditional medical appointment. Thus, Pearl’s focus is (mostly) outside the visit. We alert the care team when patient care is needed, and prepare providers with insights that might not be available in their traditional tools.

Distill the Complexity of Value-Based Care

While ACO REACH makes great strides toward simplifying value-based care, there are still many complexities inherent in understanding and succeeding in the model. We seek to distill this complexity down to what is most essential for providers — using our technology to aggregate the data, run models, and generate insights that help you focus on what matters and drive patient value. Our product experiences surface the outcomes of this work in low-friction, action-oriented, consumable ways — no more sorting through huge reporting libraries or long lists of open care gaps.

Support Patient-Centric, Not Gap-Centric, Care

Succeeding in value-based care has become synonymous with ‘closing care gaps’; unfortunately, this has come to mean focusing on long lists of specific actions. Instead of simply focusing on tasks that need to be completed, our products focus on the patients who need attention and make it clear why they need that attention.

Create Positive and Rewarding User Experiences

We aim for our users to feel like they are making a difference for their patients with every value-based care action they take. Our user experiences should feel refreshingly different from typical healthcare technology, reinforcing and rewarding the meaningful steps our users take to support their patients.

Drive Health Equity

We believe we have a duty to develop our technology and services in a way that addresses systemic barriers to achieving true health equity for the patients our providers serve. We also acknowledge that we need to be proactive in ensuring that our technology is built and deployed in ways that do not exacerbate existing health inequities.

Build our Foundation on Data

Data, and data science, are at the core of our product infrastructure. Our learning models and recommendation engines build upon both commoditized data that we can acquire on behalf of our providers and data that we will uniquely generate through provider and patient actions.

Minimize Value-Based Administrative Load

Our clients are struggling under the weight of the administrative burdens associated with running independent physician practices and navigating an increasingly complex payer environment with technologies that aren’t built for today’s requirements. Whenever appropriate, we take on the work associated with value-based care success on behalf of our providers through automation, services, and preferred partnerships.

We look forward to introducing you to more of our platform over the coming months, where we can show you how our Product Principles are coming to life. As with everything in the world of product development, we also plan to continue iterating and refining our Product Principles as our learning evolves our thinking.

Jennifer Rabiner

Jennifer Rabiner

Chief Product Officer, Pearl Health