Why Pearl

We are a team of physicians, technologists and health plan leaders who believe that primary care providers are the key to America’s health. The pandemic showed just how critical primary care is to our communities and also how under-resourced PCPs are. We want to fix that.

Pearl believes that the contours of the Direct Contracting model can help primary care practices thrive. 

Our partnership model offers a number of benefits for our participating PCPs:

We offer a stable payments to primary care practices. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that, regardless of what happens, you have revenue stability.

Participating providers can earn additional revenue through the successful management of their patient population.

Pearl’s technology platform is customizable to the needs of your practice. Our platform is designed specifically for success in Direct Contracting.

Primary Care Providers are hurting.
So we built Pearl to give them the tools and financing they need.

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Traditional Medicare revenue is subject to volatility...

...resulting in patient care that can feel like a conveyor belt.

Pearl’s guaranteed monthly payment provides revenue stability...

...so physicians can focus on patients needing the most care and share in the value they create

Our Mission

We launched Pearl Health to help providers. We believe there is a need to bring humanism back to healthcare by giving physicians increased autonomy, incentives that are aligned with better outcomes and actionable intelligence to empower clinical decision making.

We want to put physicians back in the driver’s seat, enabling them to take control of their patient’s care, their schedules, and their finances.We’re starting with Traditional Medicare, because it’s the largest undisrupted healthcare market in the US.

Our Partners

Working at Pearl

If you are as passionate about this mission as we are, we’d love to meet you. Please submit an application for one of our open positions on our careers page.
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