Empower your providers — and your organization — to succeed in value-based care

Succeed in value-based care with the right capital, technology, and expert support to optimize your financial performance while delivering proactive, better-coordinated care for your patients

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Identify best-fit value-based care arrangements for your providers.​

Bespoke analysis from our data science and actuarial experts predicts the performance of your providers in value-based care. This enables you to select the right financial arrangements to optimize performance and maximize revenue across various provider cohorts.

How ready are your providers to succeed
with value-based care?
Help us tailor a data-driven analysis for you by providing a few key details. We’ll follow up with a report and give you the opportunity to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.​

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How Ready are Your Providers to Succeed with Value-Based Care?

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Limit downside exposure while maximizing your revenue potential.

Engage in a flexible partnership customized for your needs, including options ranging from 50:50 risk-sharing all the way to upside-only arrangements with zero downside for you.

How much more could you earn with Pearl?

To analyze your revenue potential with value-based care, all we need is your answer to a few key questions. We’ll share a customized report and give you the opportunity for a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.

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How Much More Could You Earn with Pearl?

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Earn shared savings based on your — and only your — performance.

Unlike ACOs that calculate shared savings based on collective performance across all participants, we offer an individualized synthetic performance pool for each organization, preventing any shared savings dilution due to other ACO participants.

What would partnering with Pearl mean for your revenue potential?

Share a few key details with us to receive a tailored data-driven analysis. We’ll follow up with a report and give you the opportunity to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.

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What Would Partnering with Pearl Mean for Your Revenue Potential?

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Improve clinical outcomes and lower costs for high-risk patients and conditions.

A dedicated team, turnkey program, and purpose-built technology platform complement your EHR and Population Health tools. We help your PCPs and their staff better identify, engage with, and provide coordinated care for high-risk patients.

How can our platform and services help you succeed with value-based care?

Schedule a meeting now to learn how partnering with Pearl can empower your providers to deliver better-quality care at a lower cost.

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How Can Our Platform and Services Help You Succeed with Value-Based Care?

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Strong track record of supporting high-performing PCPs in value-based Medicare contracts

We’re partnering with 800+ primary care providers in 29 states — and growing rapidly

Why Isn't Value-Based Care Working?

Join Bill Georges for a session on why value-based care isn’t working as intended. Bill brings to bear two decades of experience in healthcare, including leading Horizon Blue Cross’ value-based care programs during his nearly 15 years with the company.

We help our partners succeed in value-based care

Want to learn more about how Pearl can help you focus your provider’s attention on the Medicare patients most likely to need care — and maximize revenue by improving your patients’ health?

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