Automating the Transition to Value

Automating the Transition to Value

From our experience helping primary care practices transition to value-based care, we know that delivering high-quality care while controlling costs is about more than simply aligning payments with value — that is just the beginning.  

Many physicians who are aligned in principle with the idea of value-based care can be daunted by the perceived challenges of transitioning to a value. Beyond simply not knowing how to get started, they wonder how they will have the visibility they need to invest proactively in preventative care. How to keep patients healthy and costs down? How to track progress? How to learn and improve the quality of care you are delivering? How to boost performance and increase revenue for your practice?

Beyond program support and services that make the initial transition to value-based care easy, we believe that intuitive technology powered by data science is what will set primary care physicians up for both smooth transitions and long-term success.

Here’s how your practice can benefit from a smooth transition to value:

1. Payments

Participate with payors that reward you for value. We offer turnkey ACO REACH participation and concierge support to transition to value, giving your traditional Medicare patients the benefits of the latest developments in value-based care.

2. Data & Insights

Our technology offers key data on your patients to identify conditions (accurate risk scoring) and to provide clinical management and referral support resources.

3. Clinical Tools

Our patient engagement system can flag patients proactively to make the most efficient and effective use of your time and attention.

4. Performance

Pearl Health provides free financial infrastructure (e.g., surety bonds, reinsurance, reporting) and tracking of performance (powered by actuarial and data insights).

5. Iterate & Expand

With Pearl, you can seamlessly improve results, expand your at-risk patient set, reduce patient costs for specialist consults, and lower unnecessary utilization — all of which benefit not only your patients, but also your practice’s bottom line.

At Pearl, we believe in helping independent primary care providers benefit from the value they bring to the healthcare system, while creating a more equitable system, featuring greater access for patients, and higher quality care at a lower cost. We welcome similarly minded providers to join us on this mission.

About Pearl Health

Pearl Health’s mission is to democratize access to value in healthcare. Pearl empowers primary care physicians to deliver better quality care for their patients at a lower cost via a physician enablement technology platform and a value-based payment model, starting with Medicare’s ACO REACH Model. Pearl’s technology provides simple financial reporting, visibility into patient panel health, and recommendations to allocate time and resources to deliver care to patients who need it most.

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