Our Vision

At Pearl Health, we are democratizing access to value in healthcare.
We are working hard to lower the barriers and administrative burdens for providers to participate in value based models and take on healthcare risk, making it easier for providers to benefit from the value they create every day by doing the right thing for their patients.

Our Values

Great things can be accomplished by a small team of open minded, intelligent, and gritty people.

Our focus is on improving the lives of providers, the patients they treat, and the payers that finance their care – making the delivery of valuable healthcare more scalable and sustainable. The long-term impact and improvement of the communities we serve must always be our guide when making decisions.

Small improvements made everyday compound over time. We are a team that continuously pushes ourselves to go the extra mile and stay scrappy, regardless of success. The process is as important as the outcome.

We aim to reflect the diverse communities we serve with our talent and our way of being. We consider a diverse set of candidates and are building a team that is broad and multicultural. We strive to avoid structural biases in our performance and compensation models. We recognize this will always be an ongoing journey toward a better ideal.

Enjoying the victories and learning from the misses are the bedrocks of our culture. It is important for teams to celebrate what they accomplish and share that joy with each other. When we stumble, we’re eager to learn from it, seek feedback from others on how we can improve, and approach those moments with reflection and equanimity.

We are an idea meritocracy: anyone can change the future path of our organization and industry if their ideas are sound and their effort is sustained, but our points of view cannot be heard if they aren’t spoken. We owe it to our team to fight for what we believe. In short: we should all have strong convictions, loosely held.

The providers we partner with are our clients, but we are all working together to ensure their patients get reliable access to high quality, well-managed care. We strive to keep things simple in a complicated industry and to push ourselves to create quality products, delivering a delightful experience beyond what our clients expected.

Pearl is a custodian of the resources of our healthcare system, investors, and clients: we operate on behalf of those stakeholders. The more we can produce with the resources we have, the more we will be given.

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Company Values
Company Values

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