Pearl Employee Benefits Overview

At Pearl, not only do we provide a graduate-level education in Medicare and value-based care (plus a new group of primary care friends!), we also provide all employees with a slew of benefits that we believe are competitive in this new work paradigm. Check them out below!

This page references selected aspects of certain benefits currently offered by Pearl Health, Inc. (“Pearl”), but does not describe those benefits in detail. Relevant plan and policy documents should be consulted for more information. These, and all benefits offered by Pearl, are subject to change at Pearl’s discretion.

Work Anywhere

Pearl is a remote-first company: for most roles, you can work from and be located anywhere in the United States. This means there is no commute to an office during rush hour and no need to relocate for a new employment opportunity. While we believe this is to the benefit of all team members – especially in the context of a global pandemic – we also recognize the importance of getting to know one another in person. For these reasons, Pearl hosts company offsites each year and encourages departments to regularly plan additional in-person time for their teams.

Health Coverage

As a healthcare company, we understand the importance of quality health coverage for our employees, their spouses and children. We believe our contributions are above market to represent our commitment to this view. We also want to ensure our remote team has affordable coverage within a strong local network. To that end, we evaluated multiple group plan offerings and found that an ICHRA reimbursement solution is advantageous across all scenarios. Pearl Health offers its ICHRA via Take Command Health

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements provide employees greater flexibility and generally far more robust coverage for the same level of employer contribution as standard group coverage available on the market, especially for those with smaller employee pools. In short, ICHRAs are a pre-tax reimbursement program for enrollment in ACA-compliant insurance available within your local area. ICHRA contributions can also be put towards dental, vision and other health expenses, should the premium of the medical plan you enroll in not utilize the entire employer contribution. In 2021, we found most employees were able to secure a ‘gold’ or ‘platinum’ tier plan utilizing only the employer contribution, though this varies from market to market.

401(k) Program

Pearl is invested in our team members’ long-term financial security, and so we have partnered with Slavik401k and Justworks to provide access for everyone to invest in a 401(k). Upon joining our team, you are immediately eligible to participate in the plan. 

To further assist employees with building a sound and secure financial future, Pearl provides a matching contribution under the plan. In 2022, Pearl will match 100% of contributions, up to 4% of annual salary.

PTO Policy

Pearl Health currently has an unlimited PTO policy at your manager’s discretion. As startup veterans, we recognize that unlimited PTO can sometimes mean people don’t take time for themselves, and we strongly encourage team members to take at least two weeks per year, in addition to the 15 paid company holidays.

Monday, January 17
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday, February 21
Washington’s Birthday
Monday, May 30
Memorial Day
Monday, June 20
Juneteenth Observed
Friday, July 1 & Monday, July 4
Independence Day Weekend
Friday, August 19
Summer Friday
Monday, September 5
Labor Day
Monday, October 10
Indigenous Peoples' Day
Friday, November 11
Veterans Day
Thursday, November 24 & Friday, November 25
Thanksgiving Day (and day after)
Friday, December 23 & Monday, December 26
Christmas Day Observed
Friday, December 30
New Years Eve Observed

Parental Leave

Pearl offers 12 weeks of fully paid bonding leave for all new parents, as well as 4 weeks of fully paid birthing recovery leave for birthing parents. Employees can take the leave at once or in discrete segments within 12 months of the triggering event.

Home Office Reimbursement

In recognition of Pearl’s remote-first culture, for 2022, Pearl team members are able to reimburse up to $150 per quarter on home office supplies, home internet and/or cell phone bills.

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