Why Pearl Health?

The US healthcare system is at an inflection point. COVID further exposed the inequality, profiteering and bureaucracy that prevents people from getting the care they need — factors that are driving some of the best clinicians out of medicine. We need a new model for care, one that prioritizes the autonomy of patients and their clinicians while producing far better outcomes. Pearl Health provides that model and is on a mission to break the payer and provider oligopolies that undercut competitiveness and drive-up prices without improving health.

For decades, Primary Care Physicians have been losing control of their practices as they are absorbed by ever larger hospital systems whose primary goal is to monetize their referrals with increasingly expensive procedures, imaging and specialty care. Nothing has been more demoralizing to the profession of medicine than the realization that our hospital systems make money when our patents are sick, not when they are well. The system’s incentives have a predictable impact on patients: we as clinicians are reactive to acute needs, rather than proactive at addressing predictable issues; because measured, forward-thinking medicine is not a profit driver. Patients and clinicians deserve a system that restores their independence and aligns incentives so physicians are paid for helping patients stay healthy, not for escalating the intensity of care.

Pearl Health was founded to revolutionize America’s medical system through transparency, freedom of choice and financial alignment. I’m proud to be a part of that mission, creating better health and restoring the joy of practicing medicine.

Dr. Jeffrey De Flavio

Executive Chairman