Why Pearl Health?

Healthcare is a big business with huge resources deployed. From my time in the industry I have found that you can do a lot with a little and that making people happy and healthy isn’t necessarily associated with spending lots of money. Rather, it’s simple principles like:

  • Giving people your time when they need attention
  • Solving someone’s problem when they have one 
  • Treating people like humans not widgets
  • Doing the right thing at the right time and being responsive
  • Thinking about people’s health with a long term investment mindset 

After 7+ years in health insurance and having overseen more than $5 billion in healthcare expenditures, I was saddened to see that most of our healthcare dollars are spent on end-of-life care, the chronically-ill or ignored, and almost always as a bandaid as opposed to treating a root cause. Instead of us making investments in people’s health and rewarding people for thinking longer term and behaving that way, we’ve designed a system that rewards spending–the more expensive the treatment the more profit that typically comes with it. You would think this would at least get the United States better healthcare outcomes, but that sadly isn’t true either

There is a better way and many cultures have figured this out, while also getting better healthcare outcomes. We can too! Pearl Health was created to invest in the basic building blocks of healthcare: primary care, value based alignment, patient satisfaction, and serving our aged populations with technology and responsiveness to prevent sickness. 
I’m honored and excited to build something that will make healthcare better for the more than 900,000 physicians in our country and the more than 50 million seniors. We’d love for you to join us. If you’re interested in our mission shoot me an email ([email protected]). Good things are ahead for us all!

Michael Kopko

Michael Kopko