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Taking the Pulse 2

Taking the Pulse: Why Aren’t PCPs Paid What They’re Worth?

If primary care’s time has come, why doesn’t it feel like it? That’s one question we explored in Pearl’s 2023 Primary Care Pulse Report. After collecting survey responses from more than 200 physicians, conducting follow-up interviews, and exploring secondary research, we learned a great deal about the challenges PCPs face in today’s healthcare system. We explored one challenge, the epidemic of PCP burnout, in a recent blog post, and today will dive into another — physician pay.

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Taking the Pulse

Taking the Pulse: How Can We Reduce PCP Burnout?

There’s no avoiding a simple fact: primary care physicians (PCPs) are struggling. The majority — whether in small group practices or large multispecialty organizations — feel overworked, under-resourced, and inadequately rewarded in their efforts to provide quality care.

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