Outside the EHR: 5 High-Value Tools Physicians Trust

Outside the EMR Feature

At Pearl Health, we are helping providers get access to the value they create for their patients and building technology for them to better manage their at-risk patient panels. We focus on empowering primary care providers via actionable, longitudinal insights that escape the confines of a scheduled office visit and intelligent workflows that reduce their burden.

Yet the fee-for-service (FFS) structure of U.S. healthcare has historically demanded that the Electronic Health Record (EHR) be central to a practice’s technology utilization. Since we seek to be more than a point-of-care solution, we could not resign ourselves to being a module within a tool that is ultimately oriented around fulfilling billing procedures in a FFS paradigm.

Physicians are extremely busy and naturally skeptical of tool proliferation. Yet, there are some tools that even the busiest providers find useful enough to make the time to open another window. In order to understand what tools add sufficient value to providers, I surveyed some of the physicians with whom Pearl is fortunate enough to be able to work. There was a very strong theme: providers are willing to use another tool when it provides valuable clinical insights and guidance on treatment best practices.


Amazingly, all of the providers I spoke with mentioned UpToDate, which provides current treatment guidelines that providers can easily reference.

(By the way, you can read up on a history of UpToDate in this thread.)

NCCN Guidelines App

The NCCN Guidelines are available as a mobile application and provide clinicians with current guidelines in oncology care.


MdCalc empowers providers to quickly calculate patient clinical scores and reference benchmarks across a range of 200+ conditions, while providing reference to clinical guidelines and expert articles, via a mobile application.

Sanford Guide

Sanford Guide has a mobile application and API integration capabilities to help providers understand best practices around antibiotics, antimicrobials and infectious diseases.

“This is my go-to resource for anything infectious-disease related.”


GoodRx was the one outlier in the answers I received, and is indicative of the role clinicians play in helping patients manage the financial burden of navigating US healthcare. One of the physicians I spoke with referenced how he uses GoodRx to help his patients find affordable places to fill the medications he prescribes to them to help with adherence.

It’s Pearl’s mission to empower PCPs with the information they need to enable a proactive care model, to create positive and rewarding user experiences, and to minimize administrative burdens while maximizing value. Read more about the principles that drive the vision and strategy of our product in this article on Pearl’s Product Principles by our Chief Product Officer, Jennifer Rabiner.

Gabriel Drapos

Gabriel Drapos

Chief Operating Officer, Pearl Health